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About Me

Like many photographers, I too caught the photo-bug at an early age. Toting a camera almost every where I went growing up, I eventually pursued photography at the University of South Carolina (BA) and Southern Illinois Univeristy Carbondale (MFA). Since 2006 I have been happy to be a part of the professional photographic community serving a wide range of clients and even wider range of needs.


I really enjoy the challenges of being a photographer working to create artworks that don't just fulfil a purpose, but personally speak to the viewer. It's these aesthetic challenges that keep me coming back for more.


Also, especially in my personal and fine art work, I love working with film. No, this isn't some hipster bandwaggon nonsence; film has been a part of the photographic process for me since I first started using the medium. It provides a uniquely different process compared to digital and an ineffible quality to the photographs that I make. It allows me to make HUGE prints with exquisite detail and capture colors, textures, and character that digital cannot reproduce.


I love being an artist and making the work that I do. On this website you can take a look at some examples of my work in the various galleries, purchase prints and view more works via the Zenfolio link, or get in touch with me with questions, comments, or just to say HI.

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